Anora Options…

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In my pattern Anora, one of the best parts is the planning! There are so many great color combinations in Quince & Co’s ‘Owl’ yarn. When I was first brainstorming this cardigan idea, Suzie (the wonderful owner of KnitWit Yarn Shop) and I had some fun putting different color combinations together:

anora options

The top left grouping is the one I went with (the earthy┬ápallet…go figure!) From left to right this was: Barred, Papuan, Cement and Abyssinian. But the other 3 were so tempting too they were:

  • Top Right, the Rose pallet: Cranberry, Rosebay, Amethyst, Buru
  • Bottom Left, the Grass pallet: Bog,┬áCilantro, Yucca, Snowy
  • Bottom Right, the Ocean pallet: Huckleberry, Barents Sea, Cielo, Yucca


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