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Yesterday I released my latest pattern, Gradient Wrap Cowl. Similar to my cardigan pattern Anora, it was a fun way to play around with color gradients. And what better yarn to use for gradient projects than Quince & Co. With 53 colors available, there are so many possible gradient options you can have. For my sample I went with a purple gradient: I used Damson, Frank’s Plum and Crocus and used Frost as the main background color. Suzie and I were playing around with some other color ideas at KnitWit and below were some other ideas we came up with.

It’s a fun project that I hope people have just as much fun picking out the colors as they do knitting it up. When I started knitting the sample I found it was kind of addictive – there’s something about colorwork stripes that is so enjoyable – mindless yet fun knitting that I just couldn’t put down. Within a week the whole cowl was done and blocked. So if you start now you can have a few done to give away as presents for the holidays!

The Earthy Palette:


Twig, Bark, Marsh, Honey

The Southwest Palette:


Clay, Sedum, Gingerbread, Camel

The Ocean Palette:


Frost, Glacier, Bird’s Egg, Delft

The Sunrise Palette:


Egret, Poppy, Nasturtium, Apricot



  1. lisa valinsky
    December 2, 2014

    Love these color ideas, and your newest scarf is just gorgeous! Always love seeing what you’re up to here.

    xoxo, Lisa

  2. Mary Ellen
    January 9, 2015

    Just bought this pattern and I’m so excited to make this scarf/cowl. I love your website and how you put color palettes together for projects so people can see what the possibilities are. I look forward to visiting the Portland and seeing what’s new in the store. Happy knitting. It’s a great way to stay warm on these cold days.


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