My new fall 2016 patterns

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Ah fall…my favorite time of year here in Maine. And if you’re a knitter, there’s nothing like casting on for a new project this time of year. I recently released two new patterns that are just right for fall knitting. The Cobbles Cowl and Mazzy. Below are some details about each of them.



Mazzy is a long, open-style cardigan that’s an easy knit yet still has some interesting techniques that any skill level would feel comfortable with. It’s my first design which features pockets! These are ‘inset’ pockets, meaning that you knit the pocket linings first then the linings are knit into the garment (detailed instructions in the pattern explains this whole process), and after the whole sweater is complete you sew the linings down on inside. Because the linings are sewn on the inside, don’t worry if you feel you’re seaming skills aren’t great. I also created a photo tutorial here on my website to help though!

The front panels feature a mock cable ribbing created by working a “left twist” stitch. It’s a super easy stitch that gives a similar look to a cable. I did a photo tutorial here in case you need a visual on how to work this stitch.

I had a cardigan like this when I was 16 or 17 and I lived in it, so that was my inspiration. This is also where the name inspiration comes in – when I was this age (mid-90s), I was really into 90s alternative music, so whenever I hear the artist Mazzy Star (especially this song) I am always taken back to this time. So I thought it was fitting to name this pattern after that inspiration.

Cobbles Cowl


I had played around with this stitch pattern for quite a while, so I was excited to finally design with it. Cobbles Cowl uses bulky-weight yarn and I made 2 versions.  A long, infinity style which I knit up with Quince & Co’s Osprey and a shorter style that is wide on the bottom (so it can even be worn around your shoulders) and then tapers towards the top so it lays nicely on your neck and in this version I used Malabrigo Yarn’s Mecha.

You can either play around with 2 solid colors like I did with the long version, or if using a hand-dyed yarn like Malabrigo I recommend picking a solid color (like the Natural colorway) and pairing it with a bolder, more variegated color. Either way, it’s a fun pattern that’s an easy, mindless knit. Because the stitch pattern in this bulky yarn reminded me of cobble stones I thought the name “Cobbles Cowl” would be a perfect fit.

Happy fall knitting!


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